Prestige Facial Treatments

Discover a Non-Surgical Fountain of Youth with our Prestige Treatments. These treatments are designed to give you rapid results. For the woman who wants to slow down the aging process while repairing her current visible signs of aging. Ideal for the client who desires to avoid invasive procedures, injectables and cosmetic surgery. At the same time, these treatments are also perfect for the client who wants to maintain her skin between cosmetic procedures and injectables. Each procedure is 60 minutes long and targets the face and décolleté. Delivering Maximum benefits with zero downtime.

Fountain of Youth Anti-Aging Series

For the best Anti-Aging result we recommend a series of 3 treatments over a 90 day period. Session 1- Million $ Microglow, Session 2- Flawless Face Lift, Session 3- Fire & Ice Red Carpet Facial.

Million $ Microglow

Featuring a Microdermabrasion treatment, Nano Infusion of Hyaluronic Acid with a exclusive youthful elixir containing truffles & 24K gold. Microdermabrasion is a form of mechanical machine exfoliation that originated in Europe using a diamond tip applicator with vacuum. Nano Infusion allows absorption of skin care products to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Skin naturally absorbs the active ingredients many times more effective through the nano channels, thus refining wrinkles, reducing scarring, improving hyperpigmentation and other skin imperfections and restoring the overall health of the skin. Truffles and gold belong to the highest echelons of skin care luxury because they work from the inside and out enhancing the skin’s natural renewal process, diminishes hyper-pigmentation and age spots, promoting a natural glow to your skin tone, while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Thus giving you a Million $ Glow!

Flawless Face Lift Facial 

The Protein Lift Oxygen Therapy Facial will Give rapid skin results to tired, wrinkled, sagging, and photo-aged skin with revitalizing Protein, Hyaluronic acid and quick acting Vitamin C complex that will give a tight and firming lift to the skin.

Fire & Ice Red Carpet Facial

This 15 step invigorating treatment uses cool and warm temperatures to stimulate oxygen and blood flow to your skin cells. As well as a lactic acid pre-treat and Oxygen Skin Regenerative Peel. Cutaneous skin cells rely on oxygen diffusion. This unique one of a kind oxygenating peel formulation releases bio-oxygen power aiding inner-cellular diffusion and the benefits of lactic acid for cell regeneration revealing baby smooth, youthful looking skin. Oxygen Skin Regenerating Peel breathes back a youthful life to hypoxic, dull, tired, damaged skin cells. Rich in arabinogalactans derived from botanical plants, skin will brighten, firm, tone and immediately glow with health. Accompanied by a cool Rose Quartz mask. Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone known to promote calming and soothing that can help promote a sense of wellbeing. Giving you the perfect glow up to your next event.

Pro Series. Our Pro Series is designed to support those advanced treatments such as: Skin Pen Microneedling, IPL, and Laser Facial Treatments.

Pro Luxe Facial

This restorative treatment will calm, restore, and rehydrate sensitive, irritated skin. Through the use of highly-concentrated botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide, and hyaluronic acid this treatment intensively soothes and replenishes skin reactivity while restoring hydration and allowing the skin to regain natural radiance and smoothness.

Pro Luxe Brightening Facial

This enhanced luxury brightening treatment refines, firms, and restores skin’s radiance. Including revolutionary resurfacing and replenishing serum that normalizes epidermal renewal to create a noticeably smoother, softer surface texture. Products used in this facial stimulate enzymes that help break the bonds that bind dead cells to the surface of the skin, to dramatically diminish surface lines and wrinkles & speed skin-cell turnover to improve skin’s radiance.

Pro Luxe Rejuvenate Facial

This anti-aging treatment is designed to revitalize and repair dull, tired skin, while restoring luminosity and preventing further damage. This facial is a mature skin treatment to help reverse the erosion of elasticity and firmness caused by advanced glycation products and also includes a triple antioxidant treatment to combat photo-aging and signs of fatigue.

Hyaluronic Nano-Needling

Transdermal Serum Infusion is an innovative, non-invasive serum delivery system designed to rejuvenate your skin. This treatment instantly allows up to 1000% more absorption of our professional-grade Hyaluronic Acid, gently exfoliates, increases hydration, increases circulation, softens lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture and boots collagen production.

RF Skin Tightening Facial +Neck

Sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines are common issues that stem from genetics or photodamage caused by exposure to the sun. Over time, collagen and elastin, two components present within your skin, break down and cause your skin to lose its elasticity. During a radio frequency (RF) skin tightening procedure, heat is used to encourage the production of new collagen and elastin. The renewed production of these components helps to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, and tightens skin.

SkinPen Microneedling

Microneedling also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, results in the production of new collagen and elastin, improvement in skin tone and texture, firmness as well as reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. Hitting reset on your skin can be as simple as a 30-minute microneedling treatment. SkinPen creates micro-channels (microscopic holes) at a rate of 1600 per second. These wounds stimulate your skin, kicking its healing process into high gear. Best of all, SkinPen doesn’t rely on heat or chemicals, so the results are natural and safe for all skin tones and types.

In a clinical study, 90% of patients said they would recommend SkinPen.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), facilitated by the SkinPen®, uses your skin’s natural properties and ability to repair damaged tissues. This allows your skin to look its very best. Using a small sample of your blood, the blood is spun, resulting in enriched plasma that can be applied where it is needed with the SkinPen®.

Diamond Glow

Experience DiamondGlow, a next-level, noninvasive skin-resurfacing treatment designed to work with advanced Skin Medica skincare to deliver radiant, rejuvenated, and healthy-looking skin. A Diamond Glow treatment exfoliates, extracts, and infuses. -Post-Treatment, skin appears: Brighter, Fresher, Healthier, Smoother, Clearer-with unclogged pores and more even skin tone.